Loving the new painting done in on of the upstairs bedrooms by Kim Lemmon! The draperies are so wonderful with the colors in this room!

Loving the touch of blues in the room Yessick's is doing!!!  

The living room is going through a massive transformation! We can't wait to see what Michelle is going to do!

The Kitchen Cabinets by Scarlett's Cabinetry have started going in! They are beautiful in person!

The olive green is such a bold and stunning choice in this room... We can Say Rob has done a FANTASTIC job on this room!!

The Master Bedroom has been painted, and has some furniture. We are loving the new light fixture too! Can't wait to see more!

As 2016 Designer Showhouse designers begin working on their specific rooms for the home, we will be updating the progress with images.

Check back periodically for status updates. We can't wait for the Designer Showhouse Opening Day on June 4, 2016.

We are LOVING the Library.... can not wait to see more from Tiffany!!!

We are loving the Navy colors in the Breakfast room! 

The Foyer is getting some furniture 

Upstairs bedroom by Eda is looking GREAT! This is going to be such a calm and stunning room!

Even our front doors got a makeover!!!

The Dining room has been painted and furniture being installed! YAY